Vol XV #261 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5371 Photo: LR_12-14-15



LR 12-14-2015

6:00 am ~ 58° ~ Light Rain Wind: Calm~ Humidity:92%
Sunrise is at 8:13 am ~ Ave. Low is 23° ~ Record Low is 4° (1989)
2:40 pm. ~ 57° ~ Light Rain ~ Wind: W SW at 3 mph~ Humidity:91%
Sunset is at 5:02 pm ~ Ave. High is 35° ~ Record High is 49° (1979) 
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.13 in ~ Dew Point: 52° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 8 Hrs, 49 Mns

Forecast for 12/15/2015 – Cloudy, High:39° F- Low: 35° F

Vol XV #260 - A Rainy Sunday in December
Vol XV #262 - Raindrops, Snowflakes, Sunshine, Clouds and Pockets of Blue



I went out  Friday morning to see the three freighters that are proving Good Harbor Bay true to its name. Strong winds caused the Great Republic, Algoma Navigator, and Algosoo (L to R) to stop here overnight. 





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That’s too cool…i’ve never seen/heard of freighters seeking shelter there… As I don’t know if freighters are different ‘sizes’, are these the ‘small’ variety? Or pretty much what one typically sees passing between Leland and the Manitous? I have seen Reports with freighters going into the bay at TC for shelter.


Thanks Julie. I always check boatnerd.com for info on vessels in the Manitou Passage, so I can share the names. In the photo above, Great Republic is 634’10” long, with 68′ wide, with 40′ depth. The Algoma Navigator is 728’11” long, 75’10” wide, with 40′ depth. The vessel on the right, Algosoo, is the biggest, at 730′ long, 75 wide, with 44′ depth.


H’mmm – what’s sticking up out of the water in the second picture? I’m stumped?