Vol XVII – #023 – Diversions, Reflections, Cheese, Spörck and Snow

Report #5858 Photo: LR_4-21-17

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Snowtile2015-16(Report by Jim)  In celebration of Fishtown opening up for the season, I am going back in time to the incredible record snow of 2013-14. This is what it looked like IN MARCH. We predicted an average if not low year that season and boy, were we off. The winner of the contest won with the highest guess out of all of them. This year we predicted a sizeable amount and ended up quite a bit short.

Leif turned the photo above into the tile you see to the right. We sent this to our winner, Rasa Poorman. Contact Leif if you want one for yourself. It’s not really as big as my head, btw. We’ll announce this year’s winner on Sunday afternoon. Based on the forecast, there is not much hope for even a freak snowstorm.

DSC 4625Winter16-17


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Sugarloaf Rasa
Sugarloaf Rasa
7 years ago

It is a beautiful tile, I will treasure it for a long time!! Thanks Leif, fabulous work 🙂 Rasa

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
7 years ago

I never did see that tile, pretty cool. Hope Mr. B is doing better!