Vol XVII – #067 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5903 Photo: LR_6-5-17

TLR-20170605-S Manitou Aerial-9408


Vol XVII – #066 A Lazy Hazy Day
Vol XVII – #068 - Land of Delight

TLR-20170605-Leland Harbor Aerial-9556


An elevated view: last week I had an amazing opportunity – to fly in a seaplane over my favorite place on earth! Inspired and windblown (yes, the windows were open the entire flight; remove the lens hood…). Many thanks to Brian Bishop for graciously making it happen and to NMC for the use of the sea plane. I hope these photos exhibit some of the joy I felt in taking in this beautiful county from the air. Life feels a little more complete.

TLR-20170605-Joy Fishtown-9664 Biscuit6-5-17


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Harry P

I’m impressed with the pilot’s ability to fly so close to the water to get that shot of Joy’s crew!

Judy in Grand Blanc

Really nice pics Meggen! Especially like the Joy coming back home. 🙂


Wonderful shots from the air and a nice foggy one with the hard working crew! The oblique viewpoint of SMI really accentuates the bowl shaped refuge.

Sandra Cordes

Nice photos! Which island is that, please??

Dick, in Rankin

To repeat myself, Meggan, you’ve done it again!

Robert Cordes

Special and lovely pictures, Meggen. Thanks to you and all involved for making these possible.