Vol XVIII – #66 – Veterans Go Fishing

Report #6228 Photo: JFB_1384
LR2018-06-05 JF8 1384

The Sea Otter heads out. Photo by Jim Burnham

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LR2018-06-05 IMG 9262

Photo by Keith Burnham

(Report by Jim)
nseasonably cold! 49 degrees at sunrise and no more than 55 all day. But, it was sunny and busy with Leelanau County Vets filling up the charters and having a fish fry at the dock.

LR2018-06-05 JF8 1396

Coast Guard maintains the green harbor navigation light. Photo by Jim Burnham

LR2018-06-05 JF8 1379

Survey Vessel Steelhead. Photo by Jim Burnham

The Coast Guard was doing some maintenance on the green navigation light and the Survey Vessel Steelhead here doing fish population assessments.

LR2018-06-05 JF8 1578

Pink Lady Slipper Orchids at Houdek Dunes. Photo by Jim Burnham

LR2018-06-05 JF8 1513

Forest Loop at Houdek Dunes. Photo by Jim Burnham

Later, I walked the whole Houdek Dunes trail looking for Pink Lady Slippers. I didn’t have any trouble finding hundreds of them all along the trail. Get out there while they are still at peak! Houdek Dunes is on M-22 5 miles north of Leland before you get to Happy Hour Tavern.



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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
6 years ago

Warm it up a little up there Mr B. Coming up in about three weeks for some serious beach time.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
6 years ago

I like all the pix, but the trail shot is appealing.