Vol XVII – #138 – Slow Down

Report #5974 Photo: LR_8-16-17


LR 08-16-2017



Vol XVII – #137 - Riverview
Vol XVII – #139 - Fishtown Lunch Break


I love seeing our wildlife along the way and especially when they safely make their way across our roads. Everyone seems to drive at a minimum, the speed limit.  I have reached an age where driving a little slower is safer for me. I also get tailgated a lot, most often by out of state cars.  I pull off to the shoulder and let them pass. There are times when you encounter our wild life friends darting across in front and if you are being tailgated, the result is slamming on the brakes and being rear ended.  Getting old.



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Mike Riggins

That’s an important reminder. Good that you pull over. It is true, however, that driving significantly slower than the speed limit is dangerous in its own way.

Amy Mcintire

Not old… wise.! We were just up for our week in Empire. We saw so many deer, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! We drive very slow…. don’t want to miss a thing

Judy in Grand Blanc

You get to see more when you slow down…..:)

Judy Ball Brown

It’s a challenge–our place is on one of the few straight stretches on M22 between the Merc and Duck Lake corner. I worry for the deer and I worry for the humans–we like you don’t move as fast as we once did. And local folks needing to get to their jobs are often in a rush. It’s complicated. And dangerous for everyone.

Skip Hibbard

Keith: think about it as getting cautious.

Dick, in Rankin

For whatever it’s worth, you’re not alone.