Vol XVII – #210 – Off to the Islands

Report #6046 Photo: LR_10-28-2017

LR 10-28-2017


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In spite of the miserable wet weather, Fishtown was a busy place to be.  The Cheese Shanty was busy selling out their inventory of meats and stuff.  This is the last weekend I think for most of Fishtown business.

The Mishe Mokwa headed for islands with deer hunters. Tomorrow… party time in Fishtown… 1 to 3pm.           









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Sara (Van Raalte) Leeland
Sara (Van Raalte) Leeland
6 years ago

I’m a ‘native Lelander’, now living in Albuquerque New Mexico. It lifts my heart to see the Leland Report each day. Thanks for all your photographs!

Jim Burnham
6 years ago

Thanks for joining us! 🙂

Kathy Crane
Kathy Crane
6 years ago

It would be very nice to have a booklet about winter cafes, where people could warm up share cheer and laughter. It would be very nice to have a place in Fishtown and more in Leelanau where more of these places could be found.

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Wish I could join in on the party!

Rick Lahmann / Reflections

Many of us will continue to be open for as long as the weather allows and the leaves bring people.