Vol XVII – #282 – Jim’s Monday – The Iceman Cometh

Report #6116 Photo: LR_01-08-2018

Imagine meeting another car coming the other way. Who backs up? ;)

Vol XVII - #281 - Looks Like the Artic, for now anyway
Vol XVII - #283 - A Busy Day Away


(Meggen is basking in the warm glow of a Disney sun today so Jim is filling in)

From the lens of Erhardt Peters.  All this talk about ice caves and ice castles. When will they appear? (No clue) Can I plan on seeing them? (No, wait, maybe, hmmm, no). But let’s not forget that the residents (and resorters) at the early part of last century had to also live through epic bomb cyclones. Erhardt Peters stood high on ice castles and played hockey on Lake Leelanau just like we did as kids. If he thought about it, I’m sure he would have also taken a berg down the river!EPP0060





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love the pics
Can you please date photos?

Judy in Grand Blanc

Love the pics Jim! Biscuit has snow frosting on his nose….