Vol XVII – #310 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #6141 Photo: LR_02-05-2018
TLR-20180205-narrows MWP 5254

Taking off at the Narrows


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Vol XVII - #309 - Super Bowl Sunday
Focus Trek #14 is up!

TLR-20180205 BirchesIMG 0036a

I understand that cross-country ski conditions on the Heritage Trail are excellent right now – new powder along with low temps – so head out to enjoy it if you can. Days are gradually getting longer, and many deer congregate along these country roads at sunrise and sunset, so keep eyes out for them. One surprised us yesterday by repeatedly standing on hind legs to graze. 


TLR-20180205 Oh Deer IMG 0042

Deer, grazing vertically, along M-22, twilight










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