Vol XVII – #326 – I See Ice As Far As I Can See

Report #6157 Photo: LR_02-21-2018


LR 02-21-2018

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After yesterdays near 50 degrees temperature, todays high of 26 felt like 26 below. This hasn’t been the coldest nor the snowiest winter this part of the world has ever experienced, it’s just been too wintery.  Being “too wintery” becomes a factor the closer I am to 85 years old and that’s less than a month away. The wind is a factor, I dislike the wind. Too much snow is a problem sometimes, especially when it’s windy. Other than that…

Every Day is a Joy.








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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

I have to agree with you Mr. B! This has been a weird, “too wintery” kind of winter. I will be glad to say goodbye! Love the pics! 🙂

John Frank
John Frank
6 years ago

There is a Zen Buddhist teaching that says “Every day is a good day.”
I am in my eighties and often think, when I waken each morning, that each new day is a gift; it’s a new day to learn, grow, and love.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures each day!

Nicki Steel
6 years ago

And you make every day more of a joy for all of us! Thank you, Keith and Biscuit, for getting out there.

paul kahn
paul kahn
6 years ago

Thanks for the continuing blog and pictures of the Land of Delight Keith. I too have reached an age where I am thankful for every day…..but I am still partial to the warm sunny ones!!