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Vol XVIII – #325 – Scenes While Out and About

  (Report by Jim) There is always something to see up here. A little splash of color here and there, peeking out of the ice. Although the week has been mostly cloudy, there have been a few minutes of blue sky here and there, peeking out of the ice.  See note below about the Snow Gauge contest. Our Snow Gauge… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #324 – Yucon Denali Memories

  This Mornings Journey to Fishtown brought back memories of our trip to Alaska and Yucon Denali. The weather forecast for this coming Sunday… temperature in the 40’s with possible rain. For everyone wondering what is happening with the snow gauThge contest, we will be announcing a new partner for the first prize soon. We will be sending out an… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #323 – Meggen’s Monday

There is something enormously satisfying in driving an hour on a partly cloudy day, to witness a spectacular sunset. The two photos above are from last night at Point Betsie (by Frankfort). While it wasn’t terribly windy, I was startled by the wind chill (and so was my camera). To see the ice-covered shrubs turn orange-pink as the sun slipped… Read more »