Vol XVII – #355 – Changes

Report #6155 Photo: LR20180323_2017-09-21_12-06-41

20180323 Mccord Fishtown003-5
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20180323 2017-09-21 12-06-41-2(Report by Jim Burnham)
eith is still a bit under the weather and thanks everyone for their well wishes!

Today’s treat is a couple photos of the same scene, different centuries, different photographers. The top was taken by Walter McCord (probably in the 1950s since there is no Falling Waters Lodge in the background). The bottom photo was taken by Keith in September, 2017. Think about it, these shanties were old THEN. The fact that these shanties still stand after 100 years is due to the dedication of the owners and the Fishtown Preservation Group.

Getting close to April and the snow gauge hasn’t budged. There are 21 people still in the running. Where will it end, or is this it? 🙂



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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Cool pics once again. I remember going to an ice house in fishtown with my Dad when I was a kid in the late 50s, my first glimpse of it. Have been in love ever since!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
6 years ago

I like these historic pix!