Vol XVIII – #264 – Christmas Day

Report #3425 Photo: LR_12-25-2018
LR2018-12-25  DNE2002

Photo by Jim Burnham


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LR2018-12-25  DNE2000

Photo by Jim Burnham

(Report by Jim)
Christmas Evening. Sunset views from two locations, South Beach (above by me) and the Clay Cliffs (below by John). Cold out there, but you stay as long as it takes to get the shot. Merry Christmas!

LR2018-12-25 IMG 9322

Photo by John Burnham

Biscuit 20181225IMG 9217

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paul kahn
4 years ago

Wonderful…..best sunsets of 2018! Thanks for sharing the Land of Delight with all of us on the outside.

Ken Willis
Ken Willis
4 years ago

Thank You!! Merry Christmas !!!!

Catryna Loos
Catryna Loos
4 years ago

And a Merry Christmas to all the Burnhams ! Thank you for all you do for those of us who love Leland.