Vol XVIII – #343 – Spring Cracks

Report #3502 Photo: LR_3-27-19

 DNE7244 LR190327

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 DNE7216 LR190327

(Report by Jim)
Took my daughter down to Suttons Bay for some portraits. Actually, SHE took me down to take portraits of her! Looks like some new docks are ready to go in at the harbor. I took a walk around on them, pretty solid! My panorama didn’t turn out exactly like I expected, but it was an experiment, anyway. DNE7229-Pano LR190327

Here is one of the shots from the drone looking NorthEast toward mythical East Leland. I walked roughly up the beach to Golfview Drive. It was only a mile, but on the rough ice and sand it felt like more.DJI 0024 LR190325

See the drone video here:





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