Vol XVIII – #342 – Droning and Boating

Report #3501 Photo: LR_3-26-19

DJI 0030 LR190325

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Vol XVIII - #341 - Fishtown Sunrise
Vol XVIII - #343 - Spring Cracks

See the video here:

 DNE7077 LR190325

(Report by Jim)
The Leland Report has a new toy. Took the Phantom 4 drone out onto the beach North of town up to around Golfview Dr. Also met Mike, one of the ice boaters today out for a run off Fudgie Beach.

 DNE7135 LR190326 DNE7146 LR190326


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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
2 years ago

Pretty cool video. Now I know how the gulls see the shore!

2 years ago

Loved the video and the song!!!

paul kahn
2 years ago

Loved the drone video. Being a summer guy for 60 years the winters up north have always fascinated me….and now 60 years later I get to actually see them!! Thanks

John Frank
John Frank
2 years ago

Wow! Drones with cameras are an amazing new technology. I can’t wait to see what those with artistic talent like Burnham, Burnham and Peterson are able to see and share with over-the-hill schlubs like me. Thanx!