Vol XXI – #16 – In Town

Report #6987 Photo: LR-6-7-21

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20210607 141304Another picture perfect day today. A good day to take a long lunch and boat into town for some ice cream at the Harbor House.

20210607 14053220210607 14015520210607 140601

Jim will be in Fishtown in the Art Shanty (under Haystacks in the old Leland Gal spot) from 6/29-7/5 with canvas, metal, and framed prints and puzzles and these cool little acrylic blocks. We’ll also have some Keith Burnham Leland series pen and ink prints. 20210605 165014[1]


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Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
1 year ago

Great pix, Jim! .Specially those of the clouds.