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Vol XXII – #37 – Sunshine and Gradients

  Rain ended late yesterday and today was sunny all day. I took the opportunity to move the boat out into the sun to dry it out from last month’s downpour. Everything is put away for the Winter. I went to pick up Deb’s mountain bike from Sutton’s Bay Bike Shop and on the way back stopped to photograph an… Read more »

Vol XXII – #36 – Oranges and Reds

It’s been raining the last couple days, mostly today. I woke up to a bizarre orange hue to everything an hour after sunrise. I tried to come close in the edit of the first photo, but it was more than that. Later, I tried to record the reds in the Japanese Maple tree outside the back door and got much… Read more »

Vol XXII – #35 – Down to the Big City

  Down to the big city in the other Leland Report Jeep today. The color started right outside our door. On the way back up, a quick stop off M72 for a drone flight, and then at the boat launch on Lime Lake. There are a lot of things in this photo, bottom to top, Maple City Rd (667), Little… Read more »

Vol XXII – #34 – Color is Still Around

  I’m back up for the week so I took the sunny and unseasonably warm day to tour the area for some color in the Leland Report jeep. Yes, no back tire, but it’s flat, so really doesn’t do any good. Anyway, there is a busted hinge pin back there and the tire wasn’t helping. It looks like between peak… Read more »

Vol. XX – #204 – Coloring Leelanau

(Report by Jim) I’ll be posting while Keith recovers from some minor surgery. These are some more shots from my travels up there this month. The farm at the top is Little Brook Farm at the North end of French Rd, the one right above is on 641 near Cedar. The shot below was just West of Kingsly on M113,… Read more »

Vol. XX – #203 – Meggen’s Monday

    The weekend rain cleared on Sunday just in time to walk up to the overlook at the Leelanau Conservancy’s Whaleback Natural Area. Sunlight danced on the waves. This morning, the fall jewel tones kept showing, even if a teeny bit past peak at this point.    The Leland Report 2021 Calendar is shipping now, get them while they… Read more »