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Vol XV #175 – Leland’s Heritage Day Was a Very Nice Day

It started out as a rainy, then cloudy morning with incredible formations.  The surfers were out taking advantage of Big Blue with a north by northwest wind.  A healthy downpour fell on Leland around noon and then the sky became partly cloudy with bright blue patches.  It was great day in Leland Town.   

Vol XV #174 – Friday Started Out Cloudy and Rainy

Biscuit and I stopped by Leith’s shop to check on “Biscuit Tiles” and found they had been “sold out”.  Leith has returned home from a 3 week stay in Norway and is making new ones to fill the demand. Below, another compact car parked behind Falling Waters.    

Vol XV #173 – Barns and Stuff on a Hot September Day

Biscuit and I decided to wander out into the county and look for photo opportunities outside of Fishtown.  I’ve photographed these barns many times, but.  Anyway, returning to town I spotted this ’75/’77 IH Scout parked by the bridge.  I had one just like it, roll bar and all.  Brought back a lot of Leland memories.  Jim Burnham could share a… Read more »

Vol XV #168 – Another Beautiful Day in the Land of Delight

The Server was doing it’s job this AM when I got up and by 8:30 am I posted yesterday’s Report.  Around noon it failed again, but it’s up and running now.  Today is one of those picture postcard days with indigo blue skies and puffy white clouds.  This is a wine tasting weekend and Boathouse Wine had a front yard… Read more »

Vol XV #167 – 14 Hours Late, But Here We Are

  Lifelong Leland summer resident Amy Coleman has been named senior supervising producer for a new prime time program airing this fall on NBC. Amy, daughter of Scott Craig of Leland, will be the producer for Best Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, a live variety show with game show elements and Candid Camera-type pranks. It will premier Tuesday, Sept 15,… Read more »

Vol XV #166 – A Mostly Cloudy Day, But What Clouds They Were

The morning began with temperatures in the lower 60’s, Rain moving in from the west with incredible cloud formations. The rain kind of put the damper on my wife’s golf, she only got to play one hole.  The rain moved on and the sky continued to entertain us with wonderful formations.