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Vol XVI – #168 – Rain, Rain… Go

I would like to wish our grandson Matthew Kren a Happy 25th Birthday and congratulations to Jim and Erin Burnham, celebrating their 19th anniversary. Rain moved in around 8 am this morning and delayed our journey to the lakeshore.  I put the safari top on the Wrangler at noon and Biscuit and I headed for Fishtown.  Probably a dozen people, half with… Read more »

Vol XVI – #166 – 9/11 – A Day We Remember Well

  I remember Sunday, December 7th, 1941, I was 8 years old and listened to the news on the radio that described that terrible attack on Pearl Harbor.  We had to wait for the newsreel account to see the film of the bombing at the Berwyn Theater a week later.  On September 11th, 2001 I was 68 and watched the second plane… Read more »

Vol XVI – #165 – Splish Splash

They said it was gonna rain and by golly it did and still is.  It didn’t start out that way, it all began with partly cloudy interesting clouds.  The Dark Sky app on my phone said it was going to rain in one hour so Biscuit and I went to recycling and back and sure enough it started to rain. … Read more »

Vol XVI – #164 – Oh Say Can I See…

What can I say…  “I see” said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.  Drove to town this morning and could actually see the cars coming toward me in the shadow of the roadside trees.  Just kidding, but the differences from yesterday to this morning are significant.  This is especially true as I was wearing sunglasses… Read more »

Vol XVI – #160 – Meggen’s Monday

Meggen ran the 59th Annual Mackinac Bridge walk this morning. Some 600 runners kick the day off early, finishing before the walkers. That’s sunrise, above, from the middle of the bridge. Sunset, below, at Good Harbor, well after the holiday southbound traffic subsided. Happy end-of-summer from up north!   

Vol XVI – #146 – Meggen’s Monday

  This morning, the harbor flew a small craft advisory pennant. The Manitou Passage is likely to be rough, even if it doesn’t appear too bad from shore. I always enjoy looking out at the islands no matter what’s going on with the wind, rain, and sunshine. Today as they often do, the tips of the islands seem to float… Read more »