Vol XVIII – #323 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #3482 Photo: LR_3-4-19
Point Betsie-9140s

Point Betsie Light at sunset 3/3/19

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Point Betsie-9134s

There is something enormously satisfying in driving an hour on a partly cloudy day, to witness a spectacular sunset. The two photos above are from last night at Point Betsie (by Frankfort). While it wasn’t terribly windy, I was startled by the wind chill (and so was my camera). To see the ice-covered shrubs turn orange-pink as the sun slipped below the clouds at the horizon, made it all worthwhile. Pro tip: if you ever go to Point Betsie in winter, make sure to wear cleats on your boots; it’s a sheet of ice angled toward the restless waves below. Even if you think you’re on ice that’s on the concrete foundation of the Light, the ice shudders as the waves strike the outer edge from beneath. I found myself rather awestruck by the presence of this place. Below, this morning: steadily falling white fluffy stuff.

IMG 1844s

For everyone wondering what is happening with the snow gauge contest, we will be announcing a new partner for the first prize soon. We will be sending out an email blast with all the details and a live broadcast.

Please continue to send us images from wherever you are in the Michigans. We can always use them. And don’t forget about Follower Friday on Instagram. Just tag your photos with #thelelandreport
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Jim has a new Focus Trek article “12 Months 12 Photos in 2018” up at:




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4 years ago

Meggen, thank you for trekking through the ice and cold and sharing the stunning photos! Gorgeous winter photos!

John Frank
John Frank
4 years ago

Meggen, how very fortunate that those of us “of a certain age” can enjoy the inspiring delights of nature’s winterscapes whilst remaining safely and comfortably indoors. Thank you (and your camera!) for bringing nature’s marvelous winter beauty to us!