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Vol XIX- #40 – Yesterdays Fishtown Seiche

It has been reported by many, that yesterdays rise in the water level in Fishtown was caused by a seiche. A seiche may occur in any semi – or fully- enclosed body of water. Seiches are typically caused by strong wind and rapid changes in atmospheric pressure push water from one end of a body of water to the other…. Read more »

Vol XIX- #35 – Kayaking and Droning

  (Report by Jim) What a difference a day can make! Lake Michigan was a sheet of glass as Gwenn Stevenson led me on a kayak run up the north shoreline. A bit chilly, but the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Thanks, Gwenn! You can find her decorative rock art frames at Greta’s in Leland…. Read more »

Vol XIX- #32 – Winners of the Snow Gauge Contest

(Report by Jim) It’s been a brutal Winter in more ways than one! We had a threat of snow at the end of April, but it missed us to the South. Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck next year, you will love the new prizes! The winners of the snow gauge contest are: First Prize: Our new… Read more »

Vol XIX- #31- On the Money on Onomonee

(Report by Jim) A cold, dreary day today so here are some shots from the sunset last night. I had the drone up about 330′, the lake was so calm, you could see the reflections of the trees. This was up at Onomonee Road Beach, which we used to call “Sunset Beach”. It didn’t disappoint!