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Vol XVII – #340 – It’s a Marshmallow World Two Weeks Before Spring

  The weather report for the coming weekend calls for sunshine and temperatures around 40 degrees. That should take care of most of this snowfall. Can’t complain, we have had a pretty nice winter with a early taste of spring. Biscuit has a “hot spot” on his cheek.  Dr. Harrison treated him and for a week it looked like it… Read more »

Vol XVII – #339 – Let It Snow!, Let It Snow!, Let it Snow!

  We were forewarned last night before we went to bed that 5 inches of new would greet us in the morning and it did.  The roads were in miserable condition for our morning trip to town and no better at noon. Winter ain’t over.            

Vol XVII – #338 – Meggen’s Monday

We headed north of the 45th parallel this weekend, to check out the blue ice that is pushed up onto shore near the Mackinac Bridge. This phenomenon happens when conditions are just right. Long periods of cold, with ice that has not been exposed to air: when that ice breaks up, there is a blue hue on the lower side…. Read more »

Vol XVI – #265 – Meggen’s Monday

  After lots of gray, this morning’s sunrise delighted us with hues of pink and orange. While looking at Fishtown, I noticed in the distance that an eagle was flying by, out over the water. Great way to start the week!   The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle… Read more »

Vol XV #284 – A Picture Postcard Afternoon

The morning arrived with a nice sunrise.  I thought there might be a nice picture opportunity at Fudgy Beach and as I crossed over the Carp River I said this is it.  Never got to Fudgy Beach, instead I made my way to South Fishtown.  Noon and the sun provided a picture postcard shot of North Beach.  Tomorrow afternoon… possible rain or snow…. Read more »

Vol XV #283 – It Could Be A Nice Day I’d Say

This afternoon we will be in the Big City By the Bay, so the Leland Report is being posted early.  Back in 2001 when I started the LR, it was usually was posted in the am as it was a good morning email to my family.  Hard to believe that 15 years will have passed since March 30 2001.  I have been interviewed… Read more »

Vol XV #242 – It’s the Day Before Turkey Day

A nice start-up sky to begin a new day. The Turkey Day forecast isn’t the greatest, but… could be worse.  Our early morning clear sky was highlighted by a very bright setting full moon. Our family members are arriving… Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!