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Vol XVIII – #93 – Meggen’s Monday

It’s summertime up north! A delightful mix of hot afternoons, icy cold lake water, the Cherry Festival Air Show (which we admired from a boat), rip-roaring t-storms that knocked down trees and took out electricity, and the brilliant sunsets that somehow always follow the storms.     

Vol XVIII – #91 – 91 Degrees -Excessive Heat Warning

Another day to stay in the shade. The picture taken of Fishtown above was taken at 12:30 p.m. This mornings walk at 8 am was delightful with wind off the lake and temperatures in the 70’s.                  

Vol XVIII – #35 – A Fata Morgana

(Report by Jim) When the atmospheric conditions are just right, you can look out to the West and witness a “Fata Morgana” mirage where the ends of the Manitous appear oddly shaped. This happens in calm weather when a warmer layer of air rests on top a colder layer, causing light to refract and show the same image inverted and… Read more »