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Vol XVI # 077 – First Day of Sailing School

A overcast but beautiful beginning to a very nice day.  It was a perfect day to begin teaching sailing at the Leland Yacht Club. The sailing class was small but in a week or two there will be a lot more students. A Fishtown Story:  As usual Biscuit gets a lot of attention in Fishtown, even from those who have… Read more »

Vol XV #129 – A Powerful Day Indeed

   This week is the last week of Sailing School at the Leland Yacht Club, our grandkids, Meredith and Daniel Burnham along with Biscuit and the rest of the crew sat for a group picture. Our power outage lasted approx. 46 hours, not bad considering that the prediction was for Thursday at 4:00 pm which would have meant about 90… Read more »