Vol XVI – #091 – Making Waves

Report #5565 Photo: LR_6-28-16

LR 6-28-2016

6:00 am ~ 56° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: North at 15 mph ~ Humidity: 78%
Sunrise is at 5:59 am ~ Ave. Low is 55° ~ Record Low is 41° (1988)
5:00 pm – 72° ~Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: North at 8 mph ~ Humidity:46%
Sunset is at 9:34 pm ~ Ave. High is 79° ~ Record High is 88° (1997)
Moonphase:  Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure: 30.17 in ~ Dew Point: 46° ~ Visibility:8 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs  37 Mns
Forecast for 6/29/16 – Sunny –  High: 75° – Low: 56°


The surf was up this morning and the surfers were trying to.   On the cool side but the air was clean and clear.

It was time to float the boat and tour the shoreline.  A new cottage is being built on Cemetery Point.  I took pictures of the original home before it was torn down, I’ll post one tomorrow.  Attended a cocktail party there in the early 60’s and met 20 year old Leigh Taylor-Young whose parents had rented the cottage for the summer. She joined Ryan O’Neal in the TV series Payton Place and eventually married him.  We warned her, but she didn’t listen.    



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6 years ago

Sad to see all the trees down at the point – going to take years to hide the resort

Jim Burnham
6 years ago
Reply to  Bear@O

My guess is they are not going to even try, judging by the “Celebration Point” sign and boulders they placed out on M22 like a huge billboard that they are there.

6 years ago

Where I come from, that’s not a cottage, that’s a resort : )

Tryna Loos
Tryna Loos
6 years ago

That’s a cottage???