Vol XVI – #190 – A Beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood

Report #5662 Photo: LR_10-5-16

LR 10-05-2016

6:00 am ~ 62° ~ Mostly Cloudy – Wind: S SE at 9 mph ~ Humidity: 76%
Sunrise is at 7:47 am ~ Ave. Low is 43° ~ Record Low is 31° (2003)
 2:30 pm – 76° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: S SE at11 mph ~ Humidity: 58%
Sunset is at 7:15 pm ~ Ave. High is 61° ~ Record High is 80° (1997)
Moonphase: Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.91in ~ Dew Point: 60° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 11 Hrs 28 Mns
Forecast for 10/6/16 – Mostly Cloudy – High: 74° – Low: 65°


It’s been a beautiful day so far but… rain is on it’s way.



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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
7 years ago

Thank you Mr. Hahn for your lovely words to describe the beautiful pictures of Mr. B.! You are both treasures.

Bill Hahn, down south near Chelsea

Another day of great photos. The blue sky reminds me of Sibelius’ composition Finlandia. In the words to the music, the love of country and its blue skies “which everywhere are as blue as mine” lovingly accepts all peoples as sharing our common humanity. The great photo of Old Glory is splendid. How great to live in such a beautiful land with a Constitution which assures all of equal dignity and equality under the law. All Blessings to all.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
7 years ago

Bill Hawn certainly has a way with words!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
7 years ago

Hey, sausage man.

Your pix certainly show the nice weather you’re having.