Vol XVII – #240 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #6076 Photo: LR_11-27-2017


Breakwater Waves Kitesurf-2388

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Breakwater Waves-2201

A lone kite surfer enjoyed the fading sunlight and an end-of-season splash through the waves rolling in to Van’s Beach on Sunday. I spoke with kite surfer Mr. Larsen when he came ashore, and he admitted he was wearing three wetsuits to stay warm. (It was chilly just standing there, and I tried to warm up by an intrepid couple’s beach fire but the wind overpowered the heat.) It’s November, and it feels like it.



Kite Surf-2237




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Pam Gray
Pam Gray
6 years ago

Meggen! This is Pam from the Monday evening beach fire. The wind surfer forgot his board on the beach and we have it. I was hoping you had his email. We’d love to return it to him.