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Jim Burnham    October 29, 2020    Comments Off on Related Media: jeep

Vol XVI – #339 – Nothing Ventured… Nothing Gained

 And nothing was.  I believe it’s important to support your local towing service.  This isn’t the first time Van’s has towed me out of deep snow, hopefully it’s the last. A free 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping with all book orders!  http://www.artistasylum.com/book/h7b12a9f3#h7b12a9f3  

Vol XVI – #085 – A Great Day of Trail Jeeping

Biscuit and I were treated to a great afternoon of trail Jeeping in the hills and backwoods overlooking Sugarloaf.  With old friend Jim Gruber, we drove on trails camouflaged by Mother Nature and around many of the trees fallen by the straight winds of last summers Aug 2nd.