Vol XVIII – #113 – Leland Clouds Pass Through My Life

Report #6274 Photo: LR_7-24-2018

JF7 7065 LR180330
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Bee Hive House2 LR040415

Bee Hive House by Keith Burnham

Keith is taking it easy this week so I am filling in from Illinois. I will be up in Leland all next week to bring you the Leland Report but seeing as I think I have a few hairline fractures in my toes, I will not be reporting from any trails. You might see some from a sailboat, however.

These are “Leland Clouds”. I’ve never seen clouds like this anywhere else. They seem to like hanging around the Leelanau Peninsula. Or, I’ve seen them other places, but I am in denial. But wherever they show up, they are still “Leland Clouds”. These are my Leland Clouds, what are yours?

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Jan Carter
Jan Carter
5 years ago

Leland clouds are magical. I’ve photographed them and tried to paint them but never captures all the magic. Hope Keith is feeling better soon!

Catryna J Loos
Catryna J Loos
5 years ago

All I can say is ” Ahhhh!” Thanks !!