Vol XVIII – #114 – Throw Back Thursday

Report #6275 Photo: LR_7-25-2018

Pendergast House Light LR160501
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EPP0236 LR040618

Today’s “Throwback Thursday” is a visit to the Pendergast Lighthouse, which has been at the inlet of the Leland River since the beginning of last century judging from this photo by Erhardt Peters. I remember it actually working one summer. It is still there waiting for someone to turn it on again. The land is for sale, maybe the next owner can make it happen.

2017-02-04-0001 LR170204

You might recognize yourself in the photo above. I see an Evans and a Keeble. My two sisters are there. If you see yourself or know someone here, point her out in the comments. The cartoon below is how we all thought of the Blue Bird when we were kids!2016-04-30-0005 LR160430

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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
5 years ago

Fun pics! Thanks for sharing!

Nicki Steel
Nicki Steel
5 years ago

I always loved that lighthouse!
Jim’s Soda Bar – the place to go after Pony League and girls softball games!