Vol XVIII – #130 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #6291 Photo: LR_8-13-2018
Crib And Pyramid-7526

Hazy Day on the Manitou Passage, with the Crib and Pyramid Point, view from near N Manitou


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Eagles Over NMI-7498

Eagles soar over North Manitou Island

We continue to enjoy the hot and hazy August days. There were plenty of boats on Lake Michigan on Sunday afternoon, enjoying calm waters. JP and I saw half a dozen bald eagles soaring over the western side of North Manitou Island. We visited the Port Oneida Fair on Saturday. Then the final Sunday Night Sing of the season took place last night. 
Port Oneida Fair Scene-7491

The Port Oneida Fair took place this weekend. This is the watering trough at Thoreson Farm, with rubber ducks and other farm animals

Sunday Night Sing-1

“My Bonnie lies over the ocean…” with hands in the air on every “B” at the final Sunday Night Sing of 2018





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Catryna J Loos
Catryna J Loos
5 years ago

The Sing looks like fun !!!