Vol XIX – #157 – Droned Up North

Report #3657 Photo: LR_9-7-19

 DJI 0254 LR190907

DJI 0265 LR190907Report by Jim

Leaving for Illinois this morning. I am going to try to drone a bit down state if the weather holds. There was some nice patchy sun up at the tip of the peninsula until it clouded over quite a bit. Always a treat to spend time up here. I’ll be back up for the color. Heading to Montana next week for some animal and Glacier National Park photograhy!

DJI 0270 LR190907

DJI 0250 LR190907

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Dick, in Rankin
4 years ago

Boy, Jim, you sure have the drone nailed!!

Catryna Loos
Catryna Loos
4 years ago

Where were the drone photos taken ?? Beautiful!!