Vol XXII – #28 – On the Road

  I saw a comment on the last report, someone was concerned there was something wrong since there hasn’t been a report posted in a month. Back when Keith was physically able to post a photo, you would see a Report every day, almost guaranteed. But times change and currently I am the only one posting. I do not live… Read more »

Vol XXII – #27 – National One Design Regatta

I was inside doing some work for my job when I got a clue that there were some really nice clouds outside. Basically, Keith turned to me and said, “look outside”. So the lake was my office for the rest of the afternoon! I knew the National One Design Regatta was happening, so I took my camera with me. Perfect… Read more »

Vol XXII – #26 – Supermoon

  Supermoon rose tonight at 8:41. I sometimes pass on photographing the moon because it’s really never different each time. You can’t really tell it’s a Super Moon (coming a bit closer to Earth than normal so appears larger), so it’s helpful to have some other point of interest in the shot. These clouds worked well. Also, the boat passing… Read more »

Vol XXII – #25 – Kites and Flights

The Cove cam gave me a clue that there was going to be a decent sunset coming, so I headed down to the breakwall to get some drone shots of the harbor.  I had to get a little wet to get the kiteboarding shots at the long end.  For those that knew and loved Maryellen Hadjisky, there will be a… Read more »

Vol XXII – #24 – Day With the Kids

My daughter was back out this month along with my son, it’s been a long time since I had both here at the same time. Life moves fast and it’s nice to slow down and swim in a windless lake or tow a tube with a kayak once in a while. Actually, they aren’t “kids” anymore, but I still think… Read more »

Vol XXII – #22 – To South Manitou

Ok, this is a long one, so find a seat. Since Deb and I were spending an extended period of time up in Leland, we decided to take the trek out to South Manitou on the Mishe-Mokwa. I haven’t been out to the Island since I taught sailing at the Leland Yacht Club with Steve Bachmeyer and Jim Mello back… Read more »

Vol XXII – #21 – Puffy White Cloud Day

It’s really been an unseasonably cold Summer so far. It doesn’t feel like it broke 74 from the time I was in the Art Shanty to today, but the last three days were spectacular. The first photo is one of my favorite vistas on Pertner Rd and Macksey. With the perfect blend of orchard and farm, all I have to… Read more »

Vol XXII – #20 – Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! The lake was peppered with boats last night for the fireworks in Hancock Field. We started the day by taking a bike ride around the lake before I went down for my last day at the Art Shanty. I’ll be back next year. Thank you for everyone who came down to visit, it was nice to… Read more »

Vol XXII – #19 – Manning the Art Shanty

Come down to the Art Shanty in Fishtown (right under Haystacks) through 7/4. I’ll be there with canvas, metal, and framed prints, and some cool little acrylic blocks. We’ll also have some Keith Burnham Leland series pen and ink prints, framed and unframed.