Vol. XX – #240- More From the Beach

(Report by Jim) The two hikes this week at Sleeping Bear Point was so productive, I had more to show. The main photo tonight is the trail marker on the dune down to the lake. It has to be that high in order to see in from down on the beach. High waves erased the two scenes below. Although I… Read more »

Vol. XX – #239- Rock Hunting on Sleeping Bear

(Report by Jim) The main photo tonight is a summary of sorts of over 50 years of rock collecting in this family. When we go to the beach, we all bring back three of four of our favorites. I’ve been doing the same this year and part of this spread includes all those rocks in addition to select rocks from… Read more »

Vol. XX – #238- Meggen’s Monday

  A couple of years ago this heart appeared in Fishtown. Here’s a reprise of a number of photos in which that heart appears, and a friendly end-of-year nudge to consider the heartfelt moments of this year as we move onward to 2021… Best wishes!  The Leland Report 2021 Snow Gauge Contest   The Leland Report 2021 Calendar is shipping… Read more »

Vol. XX – #237- Sleeping Bear Dunes Trail

(Report by Jim) Hike today was through Sleeping Bear Dunes by way of Glen Haven. Walked the beach down about a mile and then headed back up over the dunes to the loop trail for a good 3.5 miles overall. Enjoy! X Marks the spot…where I soaked my shoe and broke the zipper on my coat picking this up. And… Read more »

Vol. XX – #236- Snow Gauge Contest is Open

(Report by Jim) A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! Some scenes today from Onominese Beach in Northport. The Leland Report Snow Gauge Contest is officially open until the end of New Years Day 1/1/21. Go to the following link to enter. We are 25″ behind last year at this time, but last year was disappointing at best overall for snow… Read more »

Vol. XX – #235 – A Covid Christmas Eve

(Report by Jim) We were wondering if we’d have a white Christmas after that rain yesterday, but we made up for that a bit today with an inch of snow up in Leland.  PSA: On a hike through Clay Cliffs Natural Area today, I saw more an more graffiti carved on the birch trees. Please, do not deface these beautiful… Read more »

Vol. XX – #234 – A Slow Day

(Report by Jim) Most of the snow that fell yesterday is gone now with the rain today. I’m getting the snow gauge contest ready to go for the 20-21 season. Check out the Extras menu on Friday to enter. Check your almanac, read some tea leaves, consult your local psychic, but odds are they will all be wrong! Last year’s… Read more »

Vol. XX – #233 – Meggen’s Monday

A Sunday drive along M-22 presented a few moments to take in the waves crashing on the steel and concrete pilings that protect the Point Betsie Lighthouse in Frankfort. No ice is forming there yet, because our temps have been well above freezing. The spray from the waves was catching the light in such a fashion that, from right up… Read more »

Vol. XX – #232 – Big Red One Last Time

(Report by Jim) For several years, I have been driving up to Leland every month. If the weather is right and I have nice puffy white clouds, I’ll stop at various lighthouses up the coast. One of my favorites is the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland. It has become more and more restricted over the years, as private residences have… Read more »

Vol. XX – #231 – 2021 Calendar

  (Report by Jim) At this point, I can’t guarantee calendars will make it anywhere before Christmas, especially this year. I purposely bought less knowing sales would be lackluster, but I still have a bunch ready to go. You can get a calendar at Leelanau Books in Leland or online Get your 2021 Leland Report Calendar Online Here’s a summary… Read more »