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Vol XVIII – #317 – Waiting For Spring

  Back on the road after a three plus weeks recovering from pneumonia. Future reports from my camera will feature much of the same pictures as “age”, I will be 86 March17th and I have “Post Polio Syndrome” which has limited my mobility. For everyone wondering what is happening with the snow gauge contest, we will be announcing a continuation soon. Please… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #316 – Meggen’s Monday

I thought I would park by the Merc and walk down to the harbor mid-day on Sunday. I stuck my head around the corner of the building and promptly changed my mind! The photo above was taken from the car, with window open, right down by the harbor. The waves crashed to magnificent height and the force of the wind… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #315 – More From Erhardt Peters

(Report by Jim while Keith is recuperating.) I like to pull out the photo above as a reminder of what it was like to drive in the Winter circa 1910-20. Clearing that amount of snow off M22 is not easy these days, so what a herculean effort it was back then! And the photo below probably could have been taken yesterday! Be… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #314 – Fan Contributions

(Report by Jim) Today’s report photos are by a couple followers. The first is a wave crashing on the Frankfort Light by Jim Drubert. “Not seasonal for February as it was taken in November as in “When the gales of November come early” from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Marge Mulvihill sent us the image below called “Fire and… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #313 – Fan Contribution – Lake Ice

I‘m glad that in times of need we have people following us that can fill in when we need it. Keith has been battling pneumonia all week and is got a clean bill of health as of today. That doesn’t mean we won’t need your images going forward, please continue to send us images from wherever you are in the… Read more »