Vol XV #198 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5308 Photo: LR_12-12-15

Red Kayaks Leland River-6397

6:00 am ~ 63° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: South at 9 mph~ Humidity:74%
Sunrise is at 7:55 am ~ Ave. Low is 41° ~ Record Low is 25° (1996)
3:00 pm. ~ 65° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: W SW at 8 mph ~ Humidity 60%
Sunset is at 7:04 pm ~ Ave. High is 59° ~ Record High is 80° (2011) 
Moonphase: New ~ Pressure:29.36 in ~ Dew Point: 51° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 11 Hrs, 9 Mns

Forecast for 10/13/2015 – AM Showers, High 54° F- Low:44° F

Swans At The Narrows-6433


Fall colors are on their way. While we still have several days before it might be considered “peak color,” there are pockets of oranges and yellows already. Mild temps make this an outstanding time to be outside.

Fall Color At The Narrows-6435






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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
8 years ago

Lisa, I was just up last weekend and I would venture to say you will have plenty of color that week. There were areas of color last weekend but it is not near peak, I think you will be fine!

Lisa Goranson
Lisa Goranson
8 years ago

Thanks so much Judy!!!! I really appreciate you responding.

Lisa Goranson
Lisa Goranson
8 years ago

If we came up on Oct. 21st and leave Leland on the 27th, will there still be fall color ?? Thank you in advance for anyone who takes the time to respond to my inquiry from the experts “up north”.

Harry P
Harry P
8 years ago

Magic swans that leave a trail of diamonds as they paddle along! Land of Delight, indeed!