Vol XV #284 – A Picture Postcard Afternoon

Report #5394 Photo: LR_1-6 -16

LR 01-06-2016

6:00 am ~ 34° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: S SW at 6 mph ~ Humidity:78%
Sunrise is at 8:21 am ~ Ave. Low is 18° ~ Record Low is 4° (1988)
3:30 pm. ~ 40° ~ Mostly Cloudy ~ Wind: S SW at 6 mph ~ Humidity:60%
Sunset is at 5:17 pm ~ Ave. High is 30° ~ Record High is 44° (1998) 
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure: 30.15~ Dew Point: 27° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles 
Daylight: 8 Hrs, 56 Mns

Forecast for 1/7/15 – PM Rain/Snow – High: 36° – Low: 31°

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The morning arrived with a nice sunrise.  I thought there might be a nice picture opportunity at Fudgy Beach and as I crossed over the Carp River I said this is it.  Never got to Fudgy Beach, instead I made my way to South Fishtown.  Noon and the sun provided a picture postcard shot of North Beach.  Tomorrow afternoon… possible rain or snow.

Note: The Snow Report has updated the Maple City total which was not reported correctly in todays Enterprise.



The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We will report the final tally on 4/30/16!Snowreport1-6-16


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How many people remember that Fudgy Beach was once referred to as The Little Brown Boat House? I don’t ever remember there being a boathouse there (in my time) but i’m sure my mom does. There are a several places in Leland with historic names such as the Limberlost (sp?) or The Swiss Inn. What can you remember?


Are you talking about on Lake Lelanau? (Sorry about the spelling) When we were kids one of our favorite swimming spots was “The Old Brown Boathouse” when we’re visiting our Cordes relatives.


What or where is ” Fudgy Beach”?

Jim Burnham

Fudgy Beach is the small public beach just South of Leland where the road comes closest to the lake.

Jeff in Paw Paw

It was named after me.

Bill Laskey

Very nice shot, Kieth.