Vol XV #332 – A Nice Day In Spite of it Getting Cloudy

Report #5442 Photo: LR_2-23-16

LR 02-23-2016

6:00 am ~ 26° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: S SE at 3 mph ~ Humidity: 84%
Sunrise is at 7:32 am ~ Ave. Low is 17° ~ Record Low is  -5° (1989)
2:15 pm ~ 38° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: South at 7 mph ~ Humidity: 65%
Sunset is at 6:21 pm ~ Ave. High is 33° ~ Record High is 54° (1984) 
Moonphase: Full ~ Pressure:30.14 in ~ Dew Point: 27° ~ Visibility: 9 Miles  
Daylight: 10 Hrs 49 min

Forecast for 2/24/16 – Cloudy – High: 36° – Low:27°


A nice quiet morning with a lot of blue in the sky and hardly a ripple on Big Blue.  A lot of conversation and speculation about a weather system sweeping from the Southwest with heavy wet snow tomorrow night.  They think it will hit the southeastern upper half of the lower peninsula, another model suggests that it will hit the western portion, which means Leelanau. Not to get to excited about this as it’s still Winter and that kind of weather happens in the Winter.

Below, work in progress on the new firehouse.






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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
8 years ago

Hey, weather happens!

Sara Leeland
Sara Leeland
8 years ago

Thanks for clarifying what the in-process building is. I guessed ‘firehouse’ but wasn’t sure.