Vol XV # 334 – Big Blow, But No Snow

Report #5444 Photo: LR_2-25-16

LR 02-25-2016


6:00 am ~ 29° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: N NW at 13 gusting to 30 mph ~ Humidity: 81%
Sunrise is at 7:28 am ~ Ave. Low is 17° ~ Record Low is  -11° (2003)
11:30 am ~ 28° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: N NW at 21 gusting to 32 mph ~ Humidity: 65%
Sunset is at 6:24 pm ~ Ave. High is 34° ~ Record High is 49° (2000) 
Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure:29.82 in ~ Dew Point: 19° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles  
Daylight: 10 Hrs 56 min

Forecast for 2/26/16 – Cloudy – High: 28° – Low:26°


No snow at get-up time, just a lot of wind gusting to over 30.  We live downhill to the western breezes and hear the roar but don’t feel the full force of it as it goes high over our heads.  At the shoreline is another story.  It’s difficult at times for me to stay on my feet, especially when I’m taking a picture or a video where I’m trying to stay still for a minute, not easy.  We are in a transitional period with occasional warm-ups and cool-downs every other day.  Winter won’t go away a least for another month. 








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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
8 years ago

Got hit down here. Wet snow and high winds. Not the 12 inches they thought we might get, though. That’s okay.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
8 years ago

We’re getting it in Genessee co.
Hope you don’t mind.