Vol XXII – #6- A Puzzling Week

Report #7028 Photo: LR-3-23-22

7:38 am7:28 pm EDT
Feels like: 54°F
Wind: 2mph NNW
Humidity: 90%
Pressure: 30.13"Hg
UV index: 0

I am up in Leland again for the first time since the middle of January. Covid kept me back in Illinois in February, but I spent a couple weeks recovering and finally made my way up. The weather on the trip up Sunday was great, but immediately took a turn Monday, so I apologize for jinxing you all. It’s been miserable since, so I’ve been working on our 1,000 piece Beach Rock Puzzle that I started back in December. I assembled the rocks, took the photo and had the puzzle made, you would think I’d have an easier time with it! But I’m going off memory only and it’s not easy. I think I’ve spent a total of two weeks on this over the last three months, but I’m only 25% done. 

I was able to get out and take a few pics of Fishtown and the progress in front of Carlson’s Fisheries. Signs of Spring with some of the driftwood peaking out of the breakwall ice.

You can see the difference in how high the lake used to be at its worst by the waterline on the breakwall.

I will be at the Art Shanty again this year in Fishtown from 6/28-7/4

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We all know how special and “one-of-a-kind” this area is and we have enjoyed bringing out that uniqueness in our images. Love to you all! -Keith and Jim

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Dick, in Rankin
1 year ago

Come on Jim get yourself healthy. We miss you.

1 year ago

So sorry you got the “covid” glad you are better.. that puzzle is so cool.. good luck!!

Ruth Adams Linsmith
Ruth Adams Linsmith
1 year ago

That puzzle is quite a challenge, Jim!!!

Sharon Roney
Sharon Roney
1 year ago

Yep! That puzzle is fiendishly difficult. Keep at it!