Vol XVII – #330 – The Wind Doth Blowith

Report #6161 Photo: LR_02-25-2018

LR 02-25-2018



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The weather stations warned of high winds with gusts of 40 mph for downhill from the bluff Sunday.  The wind howled overnight and this morning indeed gusted 40+.  It seemed that for the most part that the wind was a steady 40+. Today’s pictures were taken from inside the Jeep. At home we are downhill from the bluff and the wind blows high overhead , but still sounds like a freight train.











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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
3 years ago

That’s good John Frank!
Hope the shanties don’t fall in!

John Frank
John Frank
3 years ago

“I envision children and their reading companions relaxing as they read ‘When the Wind Blows’, taking refuge in the images of a breezy, summer day on the shore, and pondering a world where Earth’s clean energy is harnessed.” – Pete Seeger June, 2009