Vol XVII – #250 – Wind Out of the West, Lake Effect Snow

Report #6086 Photo: LR_12-7-2017

LR 12-07-2017




Vol XVII - #249 - Not the Nicest Day
Vol XVII - #251 - Another One of Those Lake Effect Mornings


Wind gusting over 30 mph, blowing out of the northwest is getting irritating. This old body of mine is finding it harder and harder to stay upright.   Downtown12-7-17








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4 Comments on "Vol XVII – #250 – Wind Out of the West, Lake Effect Snow"

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Jeff in Paw Paw

Gotta be tuff to stay in Leland over the winter.

Sara (Van Raalte) Leeland
Sara (Van Raalte) Leeland

Thanks so much for bringing Leland to my computer out in Albuquerque NM! All my growing-up years were spent walking Leland streets….and the woods and beachways.

Judy in Grand Blanc

Stay safe Mr. B! Don’t want you falling!

Dick, in Rankin

Sure looks as though winter has moved in. Brrrr.