Vol XVII – #278 – The Snow Blowith

Report #6112 Photo: LR_01-04-2018

LR 01-04-2018



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Vol XVII - #279 - Baby It's Cold Outside


Six degrees and possible light snow off and on until sometime tomorrow.  Our Road Commission has kept our roads clean in spite of the continuing winter weather. Mother Nature takes this time to redesign the infrastructure.






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No. 1 Son
3 years ago

Mother Nature did not present to the Change Review Board.

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
3 years ago

That sure is a hike up in the walk, hope it is fixable! Biscuit is missing his fishsausage! 🙂

Bill Hahn
Bill Hahn
3 years ago

I drove past John Reilly’s herd of cattle yesterday. It was 13 degrees and a stiff west wind and the cattle responded by herding together closely and their heads facing downwind. That sight still made me wonder how marvelous nature is by adapting these mammals to the extremes of winter. It made the car heater seem all the more wonderful and comfortable. All blessings to all. Bill Hahn, down south but still in Michigan.

John Fletcher
John Fletcher
3 years ago

Upheaval at the Shanty?