Vol XVIII – #79 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #6241 Photo:

Boekeloo Cabin in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore


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This weekend, Dad, JP, and I ventured to the southern part of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore down by Platte Bay. We paid a visit to the Boekeloo Cabin – one that Dad along with volunteers from Preserve Historic Sleeping Bear, had worked on a few years back. We were pleased that it is in such great shape! 

Peterson Dr SLBE-3533

Platte Bay, viewed from Peterson Beach Sleeping Bear Recreation Area

IMG 5922



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John Frank
John Frank
5 years ago

Money talks, and whereas the concept of “highest and best use” (the legal and financially feasible use that results in the highest value [read “profit”]) so often prevails, it is heartening to see an example of preservation of a historic property.

P.S., my late mother often said “Yes, money talks, but all it ever says to me is Goodbye.”

Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago

Don’t you know that cabin could tell some tales?

Bill Hahn
Bill Hahn
5 years ago

Nice Monday, Meegan! John Frank is perceptive as ever. We saw stuff in the same light when he and his wife and I with mine were members of the Chelsea Historical Society and Computer Club. All the best John and to all. Wish I had the legs to explore Meegan’s path of today. The rain she saw this AM is supposed to arrive here soon. Ii’ll be most welcomed.