Vol XVIII – #121 – Leelanau Summinars

Report #6282 Photo: LR_8-3-2018

JF8 4394 LR180803
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JF8 4389 LR180802

(Report by Jim)

Thanks to Frank Mead and his Leelanau Summinars program for allowing my Dad and I to present some of our favorite photographs from the Leland Report at the Leland Library. We had a lot of fun talking on a bunch of our favorite photo subjects! I created the first Leelanau Summinars website and never thought I would be presenting one. Check it out at the link above! I can finally relax and enjoy Barbecruise tomorrow.

Here are some other photos from last afternoon and night.

JF8 4384 LR180802-2




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Bill Hahn
Bill Hahn
5 years ago

Sure would like to have seen the night photo as you took it. There is just so much there–at least for me. I’d guess that the planet is Venus but its enhanced by the myriad of gorgeous stars. The distant lights are lovely with some nicely reflected on the calm water. Just a marvelous scene. Thanks a lot Jim.

Catryna J Loos
Catryna J Loos
5 years ago

Photos are wonderful especially the night one. ! Thank you !!