Vol XIX – #94 – Sunsets and Paddling on the North End

Report #3594 Photo: LR_7-3-19

20190703 122036 LR190703

20190702 212812 LR190702

(Report by Jim)

Lots of fun photos from yesterday and today. The rain and clouds of yesterday cleared out and left a clear blue sky and it got warmer. I was stuck still in my 65-degree weather gear at 9:30p when the sun went down. The show wasn’t near the sun, though. I was pointed South (below). Today I retrieved my kayak from the North end of the lake and got some expert advice from educator/adventurer John Marshall. Thank you for the kayak, Alexia Warburg Post, I’ve used it twice already (once correctly) and I even got out of it without tipping over (again, once)! 
I was told that the pole below was used as an old utility pole many years ago when power was strung up the shore before it was buried underground in Indiana Woods. As long as I can remember, there was as much sand in front of the pole to the water than behind to the forest, but with the lake levels so high, about 4-5 feet of it has been washed out. You can see the original level of the beach right around Doug’s shoulder level. It’s still sturdy, so it must have been buried super deep originally. We’ll see what happens after the next storm.

Foggy golf day at the Leland Country Club (photo by Keith Burnham)

IMG 6565

Crowded day at Nedows Bay Beach (photo by Keith Burnham)

IMG 6590

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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
4 years ago

Lovely pictures from both of you Burnham’s! 😉

Jane VeVea
Jane VeVea
4 years ago

Beautiful! Really makes me miss not going this year. We have been coming to Leland for 24 years and I have only missed twice. It is the place that restores my soul. At least I have your photos. Thank you!

4 years ago
Reply to  Jane VeVea

We miss you Jane.