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Vol XV #290 – Calm, then blowing over 30

Last nights weather forecast for the overnight snow fall was 6 to 12 inches.  We woke up to an inch.  The sky at sunrise showed signs of opening up and Big Blue was calm.  And then by 10:30 am the wind started blowing and the sky started snowing.  Gusting to over 30, whiteouts.  All the schools are closed and this system is… Read more »

Vol XV #289 – Meggen’s Monday

Today, Monday, the wind has subsided. However, with temps hovering in the teens, we continue to celebrate winter. Yesterday’s onshore wind made the fishing nets dance around, made the harbor flag point directly toward shore, and created whitecaps in the harbor and river. I stood in the lee of the Fishtown shanties and then in the lee of the Manitou… Read more »