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Vol XVI – #279 – Meggen’s Monday

    Sharing glimpses of New Year’s Day, at the mouth of the harbor, the narrows, and sunset at the north end of Route 651. May your 2017 be filled with glimpses of beauty on a regular basis!        The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge Contest has closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!  The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is… Read more »

Vol XVI – #274 – A Quiet Day in Leland Town

The wind calmed down for the moment.     The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge Contest has begun. Go up to Extras->Contest or click on https://lelandreport.com/contest/ to see rules, prizes and enter your guess! The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  http://www.artistasylum.com/specialty-items/e5b7837c1  

Vol XVI – #183 – Nothing But Blue Sky Do I See

  It’s been a couple of dark and windy days but blue sky do I see.  Looking north from South Beach you can see the beach covered with stones, a rocker’s paradise.  All created by the strong wind driven waves crashing against the bluff wall.  The ladder shows how high that wall has been formed.  The picture below shows how… Read more »

Vol XV # 340 – It’s Going to Be a Nice Day

Our first stop in the morning is Fishtown and next… Van’s Beach.  This is the reason you see the picture above so often.  We started out our day with a dark cloudy sky and occasional flurries.  Looking at the horizon to the west, there is some clearing.    This afternoon patches of blue started to show through and it looks like it… Read more »

Vol XV # 339 – No Blowing, Just Snowing

Looking at the above pictures of South Beach is significant because I haven’t had access to the shoreline due to the height of the wall since early winter.  With the lack of snow on the beach there has been a lot of traffic including the rock collectors and dog walkers.  But I discovered this morning, stairs created by all the… Read more »

Vol XV #330 – Things People Can Do On a Nice Sunday

A mostly cloudy day with some here and there sunshine.  Below, the inset shows how different the beach is contrasted with a year ago, yet this winter is just as wintery as last year.  Certainly, rock collecting wasn’t an option.