Vol XV #186 – Another… Oh What a beautiful Morning!

Report #5296 Photo: LR_09-30-15


LR 09-30-2015

6:00 am ~ 51° ~ Clear ~ Wind: East at 1 mph ~ Humidity: 68%
Sunrise is at 7:40 am ~ Ave. Low is 50° ~ Record Low is 28° (2000)
3:30 pm. ~ 58° ~Sunny ~ Wind: N NE at 8 mph ~ Humidity 40%
Sunset is at 7:26 pm ~ Ave. High is 70° ~ Record High is 82° (1973) 
Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure:30.31 in ~ Dew Point: 34° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 11 Hrs, 46 Mns

Forecast for 10/01/2015 – Sunny, High 59° F- Low:44° F

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Jacket weather this beautiful Fall morning with a crisp blue sky and dynamic clouds.  At this stage of my life, Fishtown has become my destination every day and the pictures I take have become repetitive. What you really get are the visual weather changes. 

My ability to walk to the beach has become somewhat difficult as Post Polio Syndrome has taken it’s toll and my right leg is twisting out of line making it cumbersome to navigate without a limp.    


I think it’s obvious that the Biscuit Report has become a major part of my day.  It’s interesting that people who have no knowledge of the Leland Report, will stop and ask if they can pet Biscuit.  My response is yes, but if you do, you must have your picture taken with him.  The many years I’ve said this, there hasn’t been any refusals. 




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Harry P

Through your lens, FT never becomes repetitive Keith. And the BR has become a major part of our lives as well. Keep posting, and we’ll keep envying you & Biscuit and wishing we could be there for the breezes and the smells that go along with your skill at delivering the perfect visuals.


You do what you can, your fans appreciate your dedication. I never miss my daily dose of TLR.

Sue Olenzak

I will help you whenever you need it

Georgiana Roadruck

I wish I could meet Biscuit sometime, never there at the right time, maybe next summer!

Miss D in Holland

Well heck, fishtown is most visitors favorite place so it’s sufficient. We don’t even care if you only post pictures from your front porch. We just appreciate your dedication.

John Frank

I agree with Dick. Today’s photos are typical of your wonderful artistic “eye”: the composition and perspective in the second photo, with the various textures, the unpainted siding board lines converging toward the distant trees, the blue and white reflections in the interesting surface of the water, the brightness of the setting sun behind the autumnal trees — a beautiful study! Your Fishtown photos are precious.


You are one of the luckiest people…to wake up and be able to just be in Leland would be my dream!!!!

Tryna Loos

Love ANY photos of Leland. We were there last week, and I got to pet Biscuit at Heritage days. Miss it already.