Vol XVI # 076 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5550 Photo: LR_6-13-16


Joy Deck Wet Early Morning-1657

Returning early – wind out of the northwest

6:00 am ~ 53° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: East at 3 mph ~ Humidity: 59%
Sunrise is at 5:56 am ~ Ave. Low is 51° ~ Record Low is 39° (1985)
2:00 pm – 61° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Southwest at 4 mph ~ Humidity:67%
Sunset is at 9:31 pm ~ Ave. High is 75° ~ Record High is 92° (1988)
Moonphase:  Waxing Gibbous ~ Pressure: 30.09 in ~ Dew Point: 51° ~ Visibility:9 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs  35 Mns
Forecast for 6/14/16 – Partly Cloudy –  High: 74° – Low:58°



Storm Clouds Wine Fest-3801

This is what rolled in late Saturday afternoon

This Monday morning started off overcast and drizzly. The weekend was absolutely beautiful, however, with displays of cloud patterns worthy of pausing to look. Yesterday the Joy returned right away, having encountered strong northwest winds and rolling waves. By the time the sun’s afterglow graced the harbor, however, the night was completely still.

TLR-20160613-stillness At The Harbor 1030pm-3874

Total stillness on Sunday night.


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Nicki Steel
7 years ago

My 2 copies of the The Leland Report book arrived today – one for my parents and one for me. They are wonderful and I loved all the new unpublished photos. Thank you so much, Keith, Jim and Meggan. It’s a winner! PS Thank you, too for autographing them. I will be giving my parents their copy on their 76th wedding anniversary in 10 days.

7 years ago

That line or cold front or whatever it was on Saturday was fascinating! Watched it form and blow over for an hour with no rain and nothing behind it! It was mesmerizing.