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Vol XVIII – #70 – Wine Fest Today

(Report by Jim) The wine fest was well attended today and the weather was so nice (as opposed to previous years) that it went an extra hour. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too sunny, not too cloudy. I got to set up, attend, and tear down for the first time. Hats off to Jennifer Collins, Kate Vilter and everyone… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #69 – Wine Fest Tomorrow

(Report by Jim) Tents are up for the Wine Fest tomorrow. We may have put the boat in, but it’s coming out again with a bad bilge pump. Manitou Marine in Lake Leelanau is going to have a look-see. Who’s that in the back? It’s Leland Report Joanne! This little Red Squirrel posed for me today. I’m not good at… Read more »

Vol XVI # 076 – Meggen’s Monday

    This Monday morning started off overcast and drizzly. The weekend was absolutely beautiful, however, with displays of cloud patterns worthy of pausing to look. Yesterday the Joy returned right away, having encountered strong northwest winds and rolling waves. By the time the sun’s afterglow graced the harbor, however, the night was completely still.  

Vol XVI # 073 – Started Out Sunny, Storms On the Way

A beautiful beginning to another fine day.   Mid-afternoon the clouds started rolling in and thunderstorms are forecasted for the overnight.  Above the harbor parking lot is being prepared for the 2016 Leland Wine Festival.   Below is a vineyard where this years crop might be featured at a future festival.