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Vol XVI # 076 – Meggen’s Monday

    This Monday morning started off overcast and drizzly. The weekend was absolutely beautiful, however, with displays of cloud patterns worthy of pausing to look. Yesterday the Joy returned right away, having encountered strong northwest winds and rolling waves. By the time the sun’s afterglow graced the harbor, however, the night was completely still.  

Vol XVI # 073 – Started Out Sunny, Storms On the Way

A beautiful beginning to another fine day.   Mid-afternoon the clouds started rolling in and thunderstorms are forecasted for the overnight.  Above the harbor parking lot is being prepared for the 2016 Leland Wine Festival.   Below is a vineyard where this years crop might be featured at a future festival.      

Vol XV #77 – Leland Wine and Food Festival 2015

  Not the best day, not the worst day but I’d say it was a fun day.  As always the Wine and Food Festival is a memorable day. Hats off to all the volunteers who without it wouldn’t be possible.  Hard to believe that 30 years has passed since the first festival.   Please be on the lookout for a lost medium… Read more »